How To Build Chest Muscle Fast

The first step in building chest muscle fast is to know which muscles you're talking about. You'll want to be working your other muscles as well, a good practice to follow in any weightlifting or bodybuilding regimen. But in building any muscle fast, it's not only the exercise, but the way an exercise is technically performed that counts. If you're using free weights for example, how you grip the weights and the range of motion and the path of motion determine which muscles are being isolated and worked.

When someone sets out to build chest muscle fast, if they aren't properly instructed or paying attention, the exercises chosen may not be the most effective. Very often, one works a particular set of “chest” exercises which end up strengthening and building the deltoids, the muscles capping the shoulders, instead of building up the pectorals, or pecs, the major muscles of the chest. There's nothing wrong with building up one's deltoids, but that may not have been the objective.

Work Muscles From All Angles - To go about building chest muscle fast, one needs to recognize there are three major parts of the chest, upper, middle and lower, and each part needs to be exercised and worked if one is to get the best results. The best results can be accomplished with two basic types of movements, presses and flyes. Doing these two movements at various angles, allows one to isolate and work the various parts of what is a large muscle.

Building big muscle is different from building stamina into muscle. Instead of many repetitions using a low weight, which builds stamina, a few repetitions of gradually increasing weight, done each time until failure occurs, is what builds muscles fast. The presses and flyes using heavy weights with only a few repetitions possible before failure is really the only way to build chest muscle fast.

Failure Is A Given - Working to failure means you need a spotter. Failure of course means not being able to lift a weight one more time, as the muscle is exhausted. That is when you stop, until the next day or better yet the day after, when the exercise is repeated, often with a slightly heavier weight. If the barbell lands on your throat and you're muscles have experienced failure, you're in big trouble. You need a spotter to help with that last lift, even if only to protect yourself from injury.

Proper technique is all important. Movements should be slow and controlled, never fast and jerky. One should be expending energy both in lowering and lifting a weight and not letting gravity do the work when lowering, which is considered a form of cheating yourself.

Start With Dips, Plenty Of Them - Instead of relying on the bench press, which will develop your pectoral or chest muscles, but will work your deltoids more, which is not your goal, focus at first on weighted dips. Weighted dips will focus on the pectoral muscles more than just about any other routine and if you do nothing else, you'll notice the chest muscle beginning to build, and fast. Push ups are next on the agenda, using more and more weight. The bench press shouldn't be disregarded completely though. Doing a bench press on an inclined bench with dumbbells will give the pectorals a good workout, and adding dumbbell flyes will round out a good set of exercises.

To avoid injury or soreness, always warm up and stretch before doing these very intense chest building exercises, and stretch again when you're finished. If you're a little reluctant about how to proceed, either talk to a personal trainer, or find someone who obviously has done the right thing to build chest muscle fast, and have that person help you find out what exercises to do and how best to proceed.